Shieng Hwa Brothers

Over 40 years fruit industry

We constantly provide the best products and also extend our services to not only be the market leader in developing high quality fruits but also to become a recognized farmer, distributor and packer for all kinds of fruits locally and internationally.

Products & Services

We Distributor and packer for all kinds of fruits locally and internationally

Our Story

Supply the highest quality fruit Since 1979

We had set up another new factory to cover the high productivity of customer demand. With the high market demand in supermarket and hypermarket, we introduced our strategic of marketing plan in order to achieve a huge stock allocation for our customer. With our strength and mission, we had successfully become one of the important suppliers of supermarket and hypermarket.

With our own farming product, we able to deliver the highest quality fruit from farm to customer. We also use direct relationships with farmers to drive superior quality in sourcing and deliver those fresh products to customers.  We work with a variety of farms and makes friends along the way.

We are always on the hunt to find the freshest product for our customers. We are currently are dealing in Imported, local, Vietnam and Thai fruits.


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

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